Themes: raising readers | problem solving | break through barriers

"The story of Bina is impactful, and portrayed with superb emotion. The journey Bina takes from not knowing to entering the world of knowledge and learning is ecstatic."

About the Illustrator

Sharanbir Kaur is a dentist by day and artist by night. 


"I read somewhere that the job of an artist is to wash the dust of everyday from the soul. I stumbled upon art, never fully aware of how much it will impact my life in the days to come. Day in and day out putting blotches of paint on paper, and seeing them transform into illustrations that give people hope and make them smile, has given my life true happiness.


There is a lot of magic in putting your vision on paper and sharing it with an audience. And when that audience is children all the more joy, because they have the most honest opinions."